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Culture Classes

We offer classes on Beadwork, Baby Boards, Blacksmithing, Regalia Making to pass-on ancestral Native American skills and culture to children and adults. This class qualifies towards your STOI-TANF core hours. Class Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday 10 - 4 p.m.

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Dependable Strengths

There is excellence in each person. It starts early, continues throughout life. Dependable Strengths are skills, talents or traits a person has identified as essential to his or her future Good Experiences. Dependable Strengths and you open the door to seeing and using more of your potential. You really can influence your possibilities for success and happiness.

DSA is a four day workshop. You need only your memory, patience and something to write with. Download and answer the biographical questionnaire in the order they appear. This is not a test! Complete and bring this form with you to the first DSA class.

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Fatherhood Classes

The family remains the most basic and important organizational unit of society, a belief that is deeply rooted in and shared by Native American cultures.  

The Native American Fatherhood & Families Association (NAFFA) created the 12-session program we offer. The programs are specifically for Native American fathers and mothers to strengthen Native families through responsible parenting. Cherishing all family members, making them feel welcome, wanted and special, must be a priority everyday.

NAFFA defines the purpose of life as "to have a happy and safe family." This
simple definition creates a common vision, which moves us all in the same
direction with the same goals. When men and women accept and embrace this
vision, it motivates them to become better parents.

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Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationships curriculum has been brought to our program to strengthen and promote positive relationships among individuals, couples, families and communities.  All of the lessons in this workshop have a strong cultural component, appropriate across a range of tribal communities.  If you are ready to laugh, learn and build happier, healthier relationships please register for this training.

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Job Readiness Workshop

The Job Readiness Workshop offered by the Wellpinit Site is a week long process that is based on referrals from Caseworkers. Workshops are scheduled monthly and letters of notice are sent to clients.

Over the 5 days clients have the opportunity to learn effective ways to conduct a productive search for work, such as filling out applications properly, completing resumes and job interviewing techniques. 

In preparation for the workshop clients are required to complete the 477 E&T Workshop Homework Packet. This packet needs to be picked up at the front desk and completed and brought in on the first day of workshop. Included in the packet are the following items:

  • Blank Job Application
  • Brainstorming Accomplishments Worksheet
  • Draft Resume
  • Employment & Training Action Plan -ETAP
  • Employment & Training Personal Assessment
  • Job Search Attitude Inventory
  • Learning Styles Modality Inventory

Missing one day of workshop results in starting over at the next scheduled one, due to the amount of information covered each day.

This workshop is comparable to the AHANA classes offered in Spokane

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Legal Services

We offer legal assistance with the following topics:

  •  Driver License issues
  •  Family Law
  •  Landlord-Tenant issues
  •  Clearing Criminal Records
  •  Bankruptcy and Debt Collection issues and
  •  Disability applications and appeals.


  •  To address current legal situations
  •  To prevent future legal situations from occurring
  •  To teach you to handle your own legal situations, as much as possible, and
  •  To connect you with local attorneys and resources, when necessary.

As of May 2013, all clients must obtain a legal referral through their caseworkers. If you have current legal issues you would like to address, please speak with your current caseworker and ask for a referral. See this link for an Intake form: Intake Form 050113

Anne McLaughlin, the attorney for Spokane Tribal TANF clients, works in the Spokane office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Her office number is (509) 533-1360, ext. 242.

On Mondays and Fridays, you may call the legal assistant, Mya Peterson, at the Spokane office. Her office number is (509) 533-1360, ext. 253. You may also try to call Anne at (509) 953-4307.

Every other Wednesday, Anne McLaughlin travels to Wellpinit to see clients there. She may be reached at (509) 458-8007.

Money Smart

The Money Smart Workshop was created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to help adults enhance their money management skills and establish positive banking relationships. This curriculum focuses on various banking services, credit, improving financial health, and understanding credit reports. This is a three day training and only offered on occasion. Take a step towards increasing your money management skills with this workshop.

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