Frequently Asked Questions



When is my caseworker in?

Caseworker schedules are not posted online. Please call to find out.

What time sheets am I missing?

Please contact your caseworker.

Are my gas vouchers ready?

Gas vouchers are ready on the first day of the month. If the 1st falls on a weekend, they will be ready on the following Monday assuming that your caseworker has approved the request in advance. 

How do I cash my check if I don't have a bank?


US Bank will cash them for free, or if you have a current ID, Walmart will cash checks for $3.  Also, most local banks will open an account with your check.  You will be required to maintain a minimum balance but will not be charged to cash your checks.

Why is my case re-opening in sanction?

Your case closed in sanction due to non-compliance.  It is TANF policy if a case closes in sanction to re-open in sanction.  After four weeks of compliance the sanction will be lifted.

How do I get food stamps and medical?

You must qualify for State Assistance to receive Food Stamps and Medical Assistance. You can check your eligibility for food stamps, child-care subsidy, and medical benefits at this State Services link ( or contact the call center at 227-2200.

What address do I use if I'm homeless?

Depending on the circumstances, some clients are using TANF�s address, the American Indian Center or a payee.

How long does it take to get a check for a support service or cash grant?

5-7 business days after your caseworker has received, approved and processed your request. Support service request forms are available at the front desk.

Will I receive child support payments while I am on Tribal TANF?

Currently the Tribe will pass through child support payments that are collected by the Division of Child Support on your behalf. Currently, DCS will collect on enforcement orders that were in place on or before March 1, 2003. Pass through payments are processed once a month and are mailed out on the 15th of the month. (Note - assignment of Child Support to the Tribal TANF program is a condition of eligibility.

What is the largest amount I can make at my job before I get cut off of TANF?

This depends on the number of people in your family. This chart is a basic guideline:

Number in Household

Grant Amount

Income Assistance/Limit
































How does the WEX program work?

Every eligible TANF adult client is eligible to participate.  You may apply for one of our current WEX positions or work with your caseworker to create a new one.  Positions are 6 months long with a maximum of 30 hours per week.  Contact WEX/OJT coordinator for more details.

If my bills exceed my TANF grant, will my TANF grant amount increase?

No, our grant amounts are based on household composition and that is based on an amount that was approved in our Tribal TANF Plan.

Why do I have to turn in weekly timesheets and MERFs?

Timesheets are required to document client participation as outlined in the Federal Regulations and MERFS are submitted in order to determine eligibility from month to month.

If my spouse and I don't live together, do I need to cooperate with the Division of Child Support?

Yes. Tribal TANF advocates for all financial resources available to its recipients and therefore has elected to condition eligibility for Tribal TANF assistance on the assignment of child support to the Tribe. Your caseworker will help you complete the assignment forms for the Division of Child Support.

What happens if I get a job?

Report it immediately to your caseworker, as it will affect your grant amount in two months.  Also, your caseworker will be able to process a $100 incentive.

When is a new baby added to the grant?

The next month of eligibility, if baby was born on March 13, he would be added to the grant in March but you wouldn�t receive payment for him until April as cash grants for March have already been issued.

What trainings/job skills are available?

Available trainings and job skill classes can be found at this link (link to Classes and Workshops)

If a caretaker relative has no income, can they be on the grant or get GA?

No, Tribal TANF only provides Non-Needy Relative Grants, more commonly referred to as Child Only Grants. The caretaker relative is not included on the grant, the income and resources of the relative are not considered and this Non-Needy Relative Grant will not affect the relative's 60 month eligibility period for TANF benefits.