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For PDF downloads needed for TANF services and classes use the links on the right hand column.

Washington State Services

Washington DSHS Online Eligibility Review Form https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/f2esaapps/esaosa/

Check your eligibility for food stamps, child-care subsidy and medical benefits at this State Services link.  http://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/tec/ or contact the call center at 227-2200.

More 477 Programs

General Assistance

Unemployment Office, 1-800-318-6022, www.go2ui.com

Selective Service registration forms (for men between 18 -26 years old) www.sss.gov 


Other Links

Spokane Tribe of Indians http://www.spokanetribe.com

Work Source is a joint venture of organizations dedicated to addressing Washington State's employment needs.  Look here for a variety of job opportunities: http://www.Go2WorkSource.com

The SAFeT Advocacy and Crime Victim Service Center is a 100% Free and Confidential service that is aimed at protecting the rights of victims.
  • Legal and/or medical advocacy
  • Support groups*
  • Education and prevention
  • 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Information and referral
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