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General Assistance

The goal of the General Assistance (GA) program is to increase ones own self-sufficiency. GA recipients must work with a social services worker to develop and sign an Individual Self-Sufficiency Plan.  The developed plan outlines specific steps the individual will take to increase independence and meet the goal of employment.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be an enrolled Spokane Tribal member or a member of another Federally recognized Tribe
  • Have been denied assistance from State unemployment
  • Have been denied assistance from the State or Tribal TANF program
  • Agree to participate in work search activities or attend college, vocational training or GED classes as documented through an ISP
  • All earned and unearned income count dollar for dollar against the monthly cash grant
  • Per capita payments from judgment funds or college financial aid that is paid directly to the educational institution are not counted

Service Area

  • GA recipients must live on the Spokane Indian Reservation
  • Or, if a Spokane Tribal member, live in Spokane north of Mission Street. (More specifically, we serve clients north of Mission Street for the entire Spokane County, which excludes Airway Heights.)
  • We DO NOT serve GA clients in Airway Heights as they are south of Mission. 

GA recipients living south of Mission Street are served by the American Indian Community Center (AICC), phone: 509-535-0886

Applying for General Assistance

The following documents are required to complete the intake process and be assigned a caseworker:

  • Tribal identification card with picture, or CIB (Certificate of Indian blood)
  • WA state identification card or drivers license (optional)
  • Copy of lease/statement from landlord
  • Social Security Card
  • Denial letter from DSHS state for GA (for month applying for)
Native Health of Spokane, 1802 W. Maxwell, Spokane

Current unemployment denial letter for the month you are applying for

Unemployment Office, 1-800-318-6022, www.go2ui.com

Selective Service registration forms (for men between 18 -26 years old)


Once your application is complete an Intake Specialist will contact you within 10 days. If you have not submitted all the documents within 10 days, please complete a new application with current documents.




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