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Child and Youth Services Staff

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Apprentice Program

Child Development Manager

Tara Evans - Acting

Pauline Stearns Early Learning Center Manager

Children’s Center Manager

Tara Martin

Angela Arnoux-Cutler

Pauline Stearns Early Learning Center Staff

Children’s Center Staff

Arlene Alexie
Jewel Trujillo
Zennabia Tebege Loretta Cosner
Edna Abrahamson
Della Rima
Catherine Flett
Angela Scheldt
Beverlie-Oceannena Gonzales
Sarah Tonasket
Anissa Jerred
Billie Alexanko
 Loni Marcellay
 April Carson (FSA)
 Sami Parr
 Makaila Denison
 Taylor Thatcher
 Tangina Devereaux
 Freddie Samuels
Alex Wynecoop
 Marina Cullooyah
 Carla Flett
 Rosanne Ives
 Aleisha Smith
 Tori Smith
 Sydney Stinson
 Adrianna Parr


Youth Program Staff

 Ford Center
 West End Center
Drake Wynne
Camille Brisbois
Angie Andrew
Ann Ford
Danielle Flett
Erin Abrahamson
Leah Wynecoop
Christine McCrea

Pennie Hughes

Dutch Brisbois

Troy Wehyer



Case Management & Program Staff

Child and Youth Services Staff

Office Staff