Tribal TANF Services and Classes

To access Spokane Tribal TANF services and programs you will first meet with one of our Intake Specialists who will determine your general eligibility. If approved, a caseworker will make the final determination of your family’s eligibility for services. Your caseworker will also help you create a plan, set goals, suggest classes and help guide you through applications and program requirements. Families and individuals not on TANF may use our services and programs, but are not eligible to receive cash assistance.

The following Tribal TANF services and classes can be accessed at one or both locations.


Classes and Workshops

We do not administer State services but a state financial worker is on site at both locations to administer or distribute the following services for your convenience:

Web Links to Services

Cash Assistance & Support

Child Care Subsidy Programs

Child Care Services

Computer Lab

Diversion Services

Employment Search 

General Education Development – GED 

Job Preparation 

Non-Custodial Parent Support Services

Transitional Support Services

Youth Activities and Youth Employment 


Web Links to Classes 

Culture Classes 

Dependable Strengths 

Fatherhood Classes 

Healthy Relationships

Legal Workshop  

Money Smart 

Job Readiness