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GED Program

Spokane Tribal TANF/477 offers a GED program that is a comprehensive educational service in your quest for self-sufficiency. From assessing your current levels of academic proficiency and filling in the gaps of knowledge and skill, to career assessment to determine where your profession interests lie, to assistance in filling out financial aid forms, and (hopefully) even college enrollment.

Enrollment in GED classes is ongoing and continuous. Assessing your level of academic proficiency provides the basis for your individually tailored curriculum, and remains confidential throughout your reintroduction to the academic world. 

Individual instruction allows the clients needs to be met in a non traditional classroom setting, creating a relaxed atmosphere unlike what many of us remember as �old school�. Because our instructors work so closely with clients, there is little chance to get �lost in the shuffle�, or are forced into completing tasks they have already proven proficient.

Tailoring the curriculum to fit your individual needs, ensures the client will not needlessly spend valuable time relearning skills already mastered. Much of the subject matter, such as Reading and Writing, overlap and skills gained in one area often carry over to the other. Our instructors are often looking to find different ways to get clients the skills necessary to excel.

Career Assessment services are available to help clients find their niche. Gearing clients up to look beyond their GED, often requires some form of career assessment to determine how personal interests will carry over to professional strengths. Finding a job you enjoy often means you�ve found something you just like to do. Our staff can assist in identifying that career.

College applications can be overwhelming. The Spokane Tribal TANF/477 GED staff is always excited to assist anyone who has expressed an interest in furthering their education. From the Financial Aid application to College Enrollment, we are here to guide our own to self-sufficiency.





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